Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wisdom teeth gone, wisdom gained.

My brother had his wisdom teeth removed today, along with some hectic mouth maintenance and a bling bling chain installed. He came home groggy as anything, with icepack strapped to his head in an oh-so-fashionable way. It was interesting to see him in such a state - pale, non-responsive and clearly in pain, yet looking so ridiculous that I couldn't help laugh at him. It was my dad that took him to the hospital for the procedure, so my mum was yet to see him. Upon seeing him, she had to sit down and have a cup of tea (which cures anything, or so I am told) due to the fact that she was overwhelmed. Seeing her son in such a way that he has never appeared before was a shock. Her heart was aching for the pain that he was in. I laughed at the fact that she had to sit down and was feeling woosey (is that even how you spell it?), yet quietly comforted as well. Here was my brother, normally as energetic and loud (he was born with a built-in megaphone, I'm sure of it) as anything, laid up on the lounge, in immense pain. I am a firm believer that mouth pain is by far one of the worst pains to experience. However, in saying that, I am yet to experience many types of pain so I can't really make an informed judgement on that. However, as I was saying, seeing my mum's reaction to my brother's state really warmed my heart. It was a moment of realisation (which as I am growing older I am understanding are important and enjoyable at the same time) of a parent's love for a child. I have heard people say that they feel the pain of their children and that their hearts ache for them, yet never really understood it completely. I don't believe I will be able to until I myself am a parent (God willing), yet today I was allowed to catch just a small glimpse of a parent's love. Even if it was in an obscure way. What a gift our parents are to us...I really don't know what I would do without them!

It's these simple things that I love. I want to share these things with people - whether it be my family's love for one another, a nice pair of shoes I saw in the shops or a recipe I like. The simplest of things are often those which bring the most joy...