Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dreams, dreams, what do they mean?

Last night, I watched a fairly intense TV episode, involving a gunman on the loose. I knew, that watching it before bed would not be a good idea for my subconscious, aka, my dreams. I was right.

It all began in a camp bedroom, with a host of male and female leaders, jammed into bunkbeds and all over the floor. We were all having a bit of fun, and turned the light on to see each other and carry the bedtime party on in the light. Whilst we were chatting away, we could hear noises outside, there was a group of men sitting around a fire outside our bedroom window. A friend (who I went to school with, but not longer have contact with) yelled out the window for the men to shut up. As soon as she did so, one of the men stormed over to the window. There was only a flyscreen between us and him. The light was switched off, and we all pretended that we were asleep in the room. All of a sudden, he thrust his hand and a loaded gun through the flyscreen. We were all panicked, but remaining completely silent. I was in a weird position, face down, but with my bum in the air... (?) trying to be inconspicuous. He stood there for ages, pointing the gun around the room and asking us to get up and show ourselves. Nobody moved. I felt that I had to do something, so I was going to pretend that I was only a child, so that he wouldn't shoot. I started opening my eyes, expecting to see the dark room and his gun in my face...only to find myself in my room lit with the morning sun, and lying safe and comfortable in my bed...I actually breathed a sigh of relief...I was really scared.

We have dreams, many a night, yet we can rarely remember them. I can only ever remember my bad dreams...two inparticular from my childhood. What does a dream mean? Is it really our subconscious speaking to us, or is it just our imagination running wild? I am convinced my dream was a result of watching a disturbing TV episode before sleeping (which I now know what to do!), yet I have had dreams in recent times that have been eerily life like, and made me think about them for days or even weeks later. I wonder what impact our life has on our dreams...or on the flipside, what impact our dreams have on our lives?